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Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
Yes. a bad fluff spin to justify another money grab forcing (in long term) all SM players to rebuy their models in order to field Super-Space Marines aka StormCasts. Sorry about the negativity
The pistol stuff is cool. i just assume you will not get an extra attack in melee by pairing it with a ccw.
All in all i'm changing my mind towards a cautious acceptation of the new system. Not the fluff and the new units...but the rules might be functional into quickening the game. (as now, time issues are my group worst concern)
I'd say it could be that or we could just be seeing new elites. However, I would wager this is the more likely possibility, considering GW is in the business of making money. Now, I don't have a problem with that; that's their job. But if this is the case, the whole, "nah, we won't invalidate your minis," thing was slightly chicken shit, and that I do have a small problem with.

It somewhat begs the question, though: if these will eventually replace the SM range, how will they handle chapter specific ranges?

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