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Default Mara, the Lady of the Dead

Mara was a young woman who had everything. Her father was a power noble who demanded the respect and admiration of his peers. However, one day he died suddenly and his rivals moved quickly, seizing his lands and wealth, leaving Mara with nothing. The young, naive women panicked, and in desperation resorted to necromancy in an attempt to bring her father back. Using an evil text found in her father’s great library, she uttered the words within over her father’s corpse. Unfortunately for Mara, and the town, her words affected more than just her father's corpse, all the dead from the town’s graveyard began to rise and attacked the townsfolk.
Mara realised the newly risen dead would not follow her commands when her deceased father turned on her. She barely managed to escape and fled the town during the confusion.

Eventually, Mara found her way to the court of Countess Verde and pledged her services to the countess. Realising the natural talent of her latest follower, the countess tutored Mara in the dark art of necromancy until she became one of her most powerful spellcasters.

I wanted Mara to be a centrepiece in my army, as I think she will always be included. I knew I wanted a female necromancer from the start and wanted to move away from the pathetic looking wretch and instead create a powerful female spellcaster.

The legs are from the dark elf sorceress and the body is from a banshee. The staff is made up of a lance and head from the hex wraith kit. I wanted reasonably plain clothes for her, so a linen blouse, purple skirt and plain leather boots.

Let me know what you think!

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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