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Default Work in Progress, Female Necromancer

Originally Posted by Spoticus View Post
Great read. Worth a bookmark and subscribe. I look forward to seeing continued progress.
Thanks! I appreciate that and I'm glad you are enjoying.

Just a small update on my female necromancer, still need to think of a name for her.

I hadn't realised that the banshee didn't have a nose, so I had to make her one out of greenstuff. Took some work but I think it looks ok.

Sorry the photo isn't great quality.

I have also made some progress on her base. Seeming a necromancer will most likely find her way into every list, I wanted her to look suitably impressive.

I used the floating rocks from the high elf mage kit, and the spectres from Mannfred's cape.

Let me know what you think.

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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