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Default A work in progress: Female Necromancer

A small update today on what I’m working on, a female necromancer.

Now I like to try and make my characters look unique, and I already had one pathetic male model in my army so adding the standard necromancer seemed a bit boring.

The backstory I have so far is she was a nobleman's young daughter, who fell into necromancy when he died and she lost her inheritance to another nobleman. She attempted to bring him back, which went about as well as you can expect so she fled and ended up in the court of Countess Verde.

The Countess recognised the power of this young women and guided her, promising her the blood kiss if she does well.

So the model is made up of the legs of a dark elf sorceress and the body of a banshee.

I think I have managed to join the body ok, cutting away the more elf-like influences and using some greenstuff to extend the robes.

My only concern is I may have out the body too far forward, giving her an oversized behind.
I showed my girlfriend, who has a similar problem, and she thinks it’s ok. She is, after all, wearing boots and a corset, such things do over exaggerate your figure.

What do you all think so far?

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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