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Imo, the favoured of chaos with crimson slaughter is the only way to justify them. With 3++ save, beast movement and rending they WILL be useful. the base formation cost means they will be there only at 1850+ pts games but still...

nurgle daemon prince with wings and baleflamer (235)
3 units of 5 nurgle possessed (450)

is not that bad if you pair it with another lost and the damned formation with, say, 90 respawning cultists and another 10-15 nurgle spawns... it can work. It is simply countered too easily and its still too steep in price, making the opponent able to drown them in bodies. those 15 "uber" possessed, even in 12" from the prince will be facing 60-80 slugga boyz, or 30 marines with some grav/melta or simply 10 Meganobz. All of wich will tear them to pieces in a single phase of melee.

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