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Orks should work, but this setup I'm not sure about. Maneuverability is low enough that you might be giving the enemy board control so he can pick the engagements, which is usually bad.

Not sure you'll be able to connect to a shootier army, and with a lone Rokkit and a Big Choppa to your name as your only source of >S4 attacks (though the Fleshbane Nob is a sort-of-third). I could see you having issues with vehicles.

A Rhino or Chimera variant is bad enough, but also consider the possibility of running into a pack of Sentinels or Sydonian Dragoons.

It might still work on more normal infantry-based Kill Teams, though I'd really suggest going for more speed or more dakka.

Speaking of which, you can use the current spare points to upgrade the Boss Nob with Shoota to a Twin-linked Shoota Also note every Ork in your list comes with Stikkbombs, so use those liberally when it looks like a good idea - or zogging fun.

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