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Default Ork kill team

New little list, have got a kill team event coming up for the local games shop. For point of reference kill team is the game mode where every model acts on their own along with three models getting additional special rules which I've written in.

Ork kill team mk1

Nobs squad

Boss Nob; 'eavy armor big choppa shoota.
Nob; 'eavy armor slugga, choppa Combat specialist (Rage)
Nob; 'eavy armor slugga, choppa dirty fighter specialist (fleshbane)

Boys squad
Boss nob; 'eavy armor, slugga, choppa
Boys x8 shoota, 'eavy armor
Boy x1 rokkit weapon specialist (master crafted)

196 points total

Any thoughts? Has anyone tried kill team with orks?

This is my second game first was a game with like 50 gretchin, which just turned into a meat grinder of marines killing my grots before much happened to them. Feel that this more elite list with lots of heavy armored models.

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