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Little bit of work today on both a test model for the elysian drop troops again. Using the basic ideas that I'm using on the spacewolves.

Initally coat of "mechanicum standard grey".

Specific coats of "dawnstone" on armor peices.

Little more of the dark grey on the helmet.

Then a large wash over the majority of the model, shading and helping to pull out detail.

On the visor ive done a coat of "kantor blue" as the base coat, then "regal blue" and then using the coat of the new "soulstone blue".

Feel that this style is certainty better then the first test i did months back. The other thing that I've done today is a little bit of fiddling on the nobs, primarily green stuff in the seams or parts where ive cut the model to attach the hands.

Thats all for now. More to come

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Da Golden Waaagh!

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Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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