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Default Mezoa on the March - An Adeptus Mechanicus Plog

So after a bit of a hobby break due to real life I'm back.

I have finally decided my Adeptus Mechanicus force is going to be based on the Forgeworld Mezoa.

There a few reasons for this, firstly they have been around since the Heresy so it gives me a vast timeline to play with. There aren't pictures of their scheme anywhere so I can pick one with no issues, and as a Forgeworld they are not often used so it would be something different, especially once decaled up and looking the part.

Additionally their background suggests large numbers of Taghmata so it means I can use my FW toys in both 40K and 30k games.

Finally they have a good number of known allies, including and not limited to at least two knight households, a number of scions regiments and in the heresy several groups of Blackshields.

As you may remember the last we saw of the forces of Mezoa was this:

in that picture most stuff is about 80% done but needed a fair bit of work. for the month or two of quiet but life has been busy, however the forges have not been silent.

Since our trip to Nottingham there has been furious activity and thought it was time to share some of the WIPs with you guys.

First up my infiltrators with Goads and Flechettes, I am still debating expanding them to a 10 robot squad but not sure yet.

As it stands the are pretty much done but just need a few jewel colours adding for final work.

Next up are my Robbie the Robits, the Tech priests for them are done but these guys are still WIP, gives an overall idea for the scheme I chose based on the Mezoa colours I have used so far


a little bit more to do and there again is the thought to add some fisty Robbies to the squad.

I finally got some Skitarii fully completed and best to show I think are my Arc Rifle gunners. the remainder of the squads are the same.

hoping to carry this styling over to the FW squads I have on the table.

Finally we have the brains behind the operation, the Tech Priests of Mezoa and a friend.

again I tried to keep the pallette simple and uniform across the force and whilst these are 99% done (and Cawl still needs a base) I think they have come up really well.

hopefully as more units get completed I will be able to update this thread (and the Hermetika one with more work).

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