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Default Priestly completion


I see the priest as a cross between raw close combat power (wielding an evisorator) and a zealot. Looking at the GW parts market I selected the Empire flagellants (a popular choice) as the base for my conversion. Whilst many other modellers have taken SoB components to make their eviscerator I opted for the chain-sword weapon from the IG Senintal. One didn’t have the impact I wanted so I made it with two and then integrated the components into the Empire flagellants two handed shaft with 1mm brass wire. For added an added ‘wild man’ effect I used the Empire flagellants head with shaggy beard and also utilised the 1mm brass wire to link the iron strapping around the head into the collar. I then added some shock trooper pouches to the back from a more 40k feel. The parts I used this model were:
- Torso/legs, arms, head from the GW WFB empire flagellants box
- 2x chain-swords from the GW IG sentinel box
Three years and six days later, Brother Gadd is finally ready to take to the field.

I have also had some improved success with press moulding. Here are a few scenic effects I have been able to recreate using greenstuff and MODFX press-mould medium.

I am having a lot of fun making progress on the Coronan 51st! A few special characters at the moment to break up all the INF building and painting, but will need to get into the backlog of INF shortly:

"Forward we go, unto victory or death!"
Laurence Kronos
Commander 4th Bde
Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment

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