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Default Lahmian War Chariots:

The mighty war chariot was a pinnacle part of the armies of Nehekhara and of the great city of Lahmia, so it stands to reason that there would be a group of charioteers that accompanied the Countess to war. They are deployed to cover the flanks of the Legion of Nehek, harrying the enemy before preparing for that devastating flanking charge.

Much like the Legion of Nehek, the Chariots are inspired by the armies of the tomb kings. With white wood making up the chariot itself and detailed with turquoise to bind it with the rest of the army. I used a tarnished brass for the metal areas and my standard bone from before.

I included a banner and a musician in the unit. The banner can restore 1 model to the unit every hero phase and the Hornblower will make sure the unit can always charge 6” as well as being able to shoot and run in the same turn, something that is pretty essential for chariots.

I might add another three chariots one day, if I can find some cheap on eBay, but for now, I think it’s a nice little unit which adds to my battleline requirements and looks great.

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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