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Default 8th Edition Rumours

So this is floating round on the net this morning...

1, Codexs are done and will be replaced on launch day withwar-scroll style releases much in the vain that AOS was.

2, Gone are templates, weapons will instead do random numbers of wounds much like flamer do now in overwatch

3, Vehicle armour values are gone, vehicles will instead get multiple wounds (expect even the most basic tank to have a lot of wounds doublefigures) heavier weapons will however do multiple wounds too.

4, Weapons will have a armour save modifier much like second edition rather than an ap value, so you have a save and this is reduced depending which weapon you’re shot with, rather than getting full save until your ap value is beaten.

5, Early summer release date, I think he said June but it may have been July my memory isn’t what it used to be J.

6, Rules will be simplified but not to the extent of AOS like AOS there will be three ways to play open narrative and matched.

7, Charging from vehicles is back not just assault vehicles,expect to see rhinos full of assault marines as far as the eye can see…

I honestly don't know how I feel about those. I own a lot of codex's and IA's :/
Vehicles having wounds means no vehicle damage.
I like templates (but not the scatter dice - it hates me :D) and I'll be sad if they go.

What are everyone else's thoughts?

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