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Little bit of work from today getting the base of the building coming along nicely, using the new rolling pins that i got the other day.

Next i have a little project for my younger brother, in the creation of a steampunk/ technopunk ork ranger. So far I've got some of the basic scultping started along with some basic sketches for the ideas that I will be portraying.

The text on the sketch is as follows, if it is unreadable.

As point of clarification I've done a quick sketch up of the ideas behind what ive started on the miniture. If text is unreadable it is as follows.

Checker plate sheild covered by some form of animal scales.

Large bolts in bow possible folding mechanism

Two ideas for string either standard or "electric" string

Rock arrow head painting defines, thinking black or dark purple with bright shading.

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Da Golden Waaagh!

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Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!

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