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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
Yeah, it looks like we've still got that in place. We had an issue with someone sabotaging old content once upon a time, which is why that lockout exists. I will look into removing it so you can edit your own posts whenever. If it's not possible because that lockout is integrated into the site code, which it very well might be, any of the staff can edit the post for you. I admit, I am not a code monkey, though-- my solution to most technical problems is to intone the Omnissiah's Canticle of the Plug and perform the appropriate rite-- unplug it, tap on the device not working and say the holy phrase, "Make-um porn box work again?" and then plug it back in... So we'll have to see what happens.
Removing that lock would be amazing! Please let us know if your "rites" were successful
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