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Default Rephalm’s Horde

Welcome to my second update, Rephalm’s Horde!

Rephalm is a wannabe necromancer, whose magic talent is incredibly slight, barely enough to keep the handful of zombies who pull his cart alive. He is one of the few “living” members of my force, and one of the few male characters.

His story is tragic, a young, handsome noble who fell in love with Countess Verde, The stunningly beautiful leader of my army, many years ago. He attempted to court the countess, before learning of her vampiric nature. His infatuation grew to a deep obsession, as he stopped caring about anything other than her desires. This caused his physical appearance to degrade as he became more and more desperate to please her. Countess Verde enjoys the attention of men and treats those who fall under her spell as her playthings. Rephalm has since fallen from favour, having been cast out to care for the growing zombie horde that makes up the Countess’ army.

Starting off at 20 models, my zombie horde will eventually be doubled to 40.
But I didn’t love the idea of painting 40 plain zombies, so I have tried to introduce some variety to the unit by including some random models, I really like the look it gives to the unit.

I painted them following a scheme I had used previously on some nurgle cultists, which I thought transitioned well:
So I began with a white undercoat and then washed the whole model green, I used Biel-tan green because that’s what I had.
Then dry brush the model with a layer white paint, you want to cover more than a dry paint would, but not completely cover the green underneath.
Paint the metallic parts a browny orange colour, like Vermin brown, and any detailed areas a dark green and dark brown, just to break up the model.
Now use a black wash to give the model some detail, don't use it all over, but just to give definition to those deep areas.
Then a brown wash all over the model, I used both seraphim sepia and devlan mud, but just go step by step until you are happy with it.
Now it is pretty much up to you, use whatever level of washes you want to give you a finished model. I ended up using another green wash on the skin to make it look more rotting, and like I said two brown washes before. Then I dry brushed some silver on the metal and blades. Paint any more detail you fancy, but for zombies, I was happy with the end result.

Check out my Project Log: Forbidden Colours!

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