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I have been working on a number of bigger pieces over the past few months. These are designed as larger centrepieces for my table but fit into the Corona theme for my army (see separate blogs).

  • I found in these builds that the GW kits are not designed for large builds - floor tiles are not a standard size, the individual GW wall pannels do not align well when put through multiple 90deg turns and even floor to floor, the tiles do not align neatly.
  • Plastic card is your friend
  • Design the whole building and then build the bits you want to play with
  • Using old sprue frames to support floors makes big pieces MUCH easier to build

I played a lot more with plastic card on this build to offset the 'standard' options, whilst not making it noticeably different to the kit. It also made substitution of large floor areas cheaper without just destroying them all. I covered these differences but adding small details from other GW pieces to tie in the new panels without changing the overall look.

Here is my multi story ADMINISTRATUM. The goal was to make a tall piece of terrain with plenty of space for miniatures to fight from. Battle damage was thematically designed to save on GW kit pieces, whilst still showing the shape of the building as it would have been in its original form. I am tempted to make a second piece that caps the 'other end' of the building and make it a separate but equally impressive piece. We shall see how this one turns out...

Early stages:

Note the use of sprue frames to support the floor.

Coming together:

Final stage:

This was an interesting build which I sadly did not take progress pics of. There is more to come (eg: a mezzanine roof over the maintenance track) and the internal MANUFACTORUM equipment (eg: a LRBT armour cutter) but for now you can see the gist of what I am trying to achieve.

Main building:

Crane mechanism:
I have placed plactic card I beams as runners for a crane mechanism. To get the crane to be able to run sideways I have used a simple system to ensure there is still a full range of movement without making it complex or fragile.

Press-moulding of door reliefs:
These will be added to the top insets on the main doors.

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