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Thanks for the support I have been receiving. It has been really rewarding to make progress through the backlog and get some really good looking pieces of Imperial equipment ready for war!

Here is my work from the last week...

Three new armoured sentinels:
These three are also completely magnetised but I have only painted up the Plasma cannons as they will only be used if I am already running my other three (which have all their upgrades magnetised and painted).

The LRBT is completely magnetised, including the antennas and search light (for ease of transport).

I tend to run LRBT Executioners so this will be my normal setup.

The Valk was my first time attempting selective recess washes. The sentinels and LRBT have reaffirmed to me that using recess washes when working with light colours like Fenrisian (Space Wolf) Grey is definitely the better option compared to an overall wash - even when highlighting after the wash is complete. Careful recess washing brings out the detail without dulling the colours so much that they need another coat.

Next on the list is two Wyverns and a Vulture, which will likely painted at the same time as some terrain. Check out my other blog if you are interested in monitoring my terrain progress. https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ml#post1907601

"Forward we go, unto victory or death!"
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