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Originally Posted by Knockagh View Post
Are you kidding they said not to open the books so wide?? That's awful! In fairness paperbacks do crack it's why I'm not a fan of them, but that reply is terrible!
Wish I was kidding.

We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the cover and binding
on the Black Library books.

With regards to our print runs we make sure we use a high quality glue
which does not necessarily require as much to bind the pages, however it
is impossible to guarantee that the cover will not crease. It is
inevitable that with reading a book's spine will eventually break on a
softback book, this is the nature of paper put under pressure.

You can delay this effect by ensuring you do not bend the pages back too
far or spreading them too wide whilst reading.
I am always very careful with the books and I first try how far I can open book before spine gets damaged. But for example Helsreach novel was damaged immediately upon slight opening. That's what I only want HB format now from BL.

I have much thicker books at home from local publishers which won't crack no matter how wide I open them. For premium price I expect premium quality.
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