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The utter shitness of the website is nothing new, but the last overhaul they did really took it to a new level of shit. It‘s so fucking convoluted to browse, with everything hidden in inconvenient places and no filters whatsoever.

And the search function? What an absolute piece of shit. Say I want to search for the HH novel *Legion*... There are over 120 books that appear before it in the search results out of 460 what the fuck. No way to sort the results by relevance, language or format. Only date of release or A-Z. Fucking useless. Trying to find anything after it has left the new releases page is a big pain in the arse, which is especially apparent when trying to find a book in the Horus Heresy series. You go to the series page, but there is no fucking order whatsoever since they re-release the same shit three times over meaning that the release orders are completely fucked up the butt and no amount of sorting by release date will help there.

Ouh, and sweet jesus trying to find the regular oldschool paperback releases of the HH novels. On some product pages it says Premium Paperback whilst on others it just says Paperback but it is priced the same as the premium paperbacks. Which is it for goodness sake. The website is such a mess at this point that nothing short of a full purge and rebuilding will fix it.

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