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Just too add aswell ive tried my hand at making a 1000 fallen angel point list (Would i just use the DA codex?) with cypher, as my friend wants to play tomorrow
How does this list look:

HQ: 255 points
Librarian (Monster slayer of Caliban, Terminator armor, level 2 psyker, Melta bombs)

Troops: 495 points
3 X tactical squad ( 3 veteran sergeants, 1 heavy bolter, 1 missile launcher with flakk, 1 melta gun)
1 X devastator squad (2 plasma cannons)

Elites: 250 points
1 X terminator squad (Power sword / storm bolter sergeant, 2 storm bolter / power fist, 1 Storm bolter / chain fist / cyclone missle, 1 Assualt cannon)

All i know is hes taking a flyer, Nothing else on what hes bringing

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