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So Far ive managed to come up with this

Combined arms detachment: 740 points
Lord of war - Guilliman
HQ - Integrator Chaplain
Troops - 3 X tactical squad (including 1 plasma cannon, 1 missle laucher, 1 heavy bolter, 3 veteran sergeants)

Deathwing strike force: 790 points
HQ - Belial, Librarian (Level 2 psyker, terminator armor, storm bolter)
Elites - 2 X Deathwing terminator squad (1 Lightning claws sergeant, 1 power sword/storm bolter sergeant, 2 assualt cannons, 4 storm bolter / power fists, 2 storm bolter / chain fists)

What are peoples views on this list, Ive built what i could with what i own atm, Im planning to ask people if they are willing to not use vehicles for the time being while i gather funds to buy them over time (guilliman box ruined my wallet haha) if not ill just deal against the veichles with deepstrikes and guilliman

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