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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
The SWs have taken a serious kicking and the DA have been infiltrated and influenced by chaos, not to mention that fact that their most closely kept secret is out of the bag.
I'm not sure how out of the bag it is, but yeah... And it gets worse. Practically all other First Founding loyalists are up the creek at the moment.

White Scars: Maelstrom is expanding as well, it appears - over Chogoris. They're thus occupied dealing with Huron Blackheart and friends. (Rise p41)
Imperial Fists: Some losses taken, Phalanx is going to take forever to repair and cleanse. Probably mostly okay as a retcon appears to move some of its companies from Cadia where they used to be for the 13th Black Crusade to two other theaters.
Blood Angels: Baal about to be overrun by Tyranids. Note this is mere months after they had to rebuild the Chapter from scraps and the generosity of their Successors.
Iron Hands: Medusa's near the Eye of Terror. No word yet whether it's still actually OUTSIDE it, what with the Eye growing, but it's probably on Abaddon's list of vacation spots.
Ultramarines: Took losses securing Ultramar... Regained a Primarch and overall came out smelling like roses. What else is new.
Salamanders: I... actually don't know. They were on Armageddon for the Third War there, but it's been a year or so and I'm not sure they're still around... Though if they are, it's experiencing a full Warp breach now (Rise p49)
Raven Guard: Deliverance in the path of a massive Ork Waagh, with Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike being VERY new to that role.

Oh, one point of note on the Orks: As per p27 of Rise, Ghazghkull is on the move again.

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