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I really don't think we'll have long to wait to see what happens next. Considering how quickly GS came on the heels of the Warzone: Fenris books, I think the next phase will hit us with the rumoured release of 8th Ed on late summer. Lets remember that this is, quite literally, the gathering storm. That storm is going to hit, and hit hard. There are quite a few dangling threads that will need to be tidied up soon.

Abbadon is ready to drop the hammer on a weakened Imperium. What form that hammer takes, I really don't know, but if he has finally reached his endgame, it's gonna be pretty big.

The Imperium is beset on all sides. The SWs have taken a serious kicking and the DA have been infiltrated and influenced by chaos, not to mention that fact that their most closely kept secret is out of the bag. The return of a primarch, especially one with his own ideas of how an empire should be run like Girlyman, could lead to a schism in the ranks. We also still have to see what the arrival of Cypher and the Lion's sword on Terra mean for the Imperium and the Emperor himself. Personally, I don't think Guilliman will be around for too long. They seem to have made specific reference to the fact that Yvraine told him he should never remove his armour, in doing so they revealed a way he could be taken down. Why mention it if it's not going to come into play later? Might just be me reading too much into a single line, but it did jump out at me.

The Eldar are the big ones for me when it comes to the scope of their upheaval. A god returned, and all of a sudden the entire race has a rallying point. Will we see them coming together en mass, with all four factions (five if you count Harlequins as a separate faction) forming a unified front against Chaos, and try to reclaim some fraction of their former empire? If that meant we saw some dino-riding Exodite eldar appear, it could only be a good thing.

As for Orks, Tau, nids and necrons, I think they will only play a peripheral roll until the storm peters out and the dust settles. This whole arc is about moving on the stagnated story line of the struggle for survival against the forces of chaos, with the Imperium and Eldar long being the biggest victims of the predations of said forces, so playing the biggest parts in the story.

Game-wise, I think when The Storm Strikes(TM) we're going to see something big for Chaos, with a triple box for them featuring Fulgrim, Abbadon, and a third that I couldn't begin to guess at, seeing as the other major chaos players like Kharn and Ahriman have recently received new sculpts. I also think we may see the forces in the game broken into factions similar to AoS, as in Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction.

I must admit I am quite excited that I picked this period in time to jump back into the murky, shark infested waters of 40k.

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