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Default New player, Need help creating my army

Maybe this is a tad too much for a brand new player to the 40k table top to take on, But after my friend suggested to me to convert Guilliman's model into Lion El john son i just have to do it and field him in my army and im really new to the whole 40k table top and making a 350 point model work with a point limited army is proving quite difficult for me as i dont know what i should prioritize over other stuff. Any help you guys can give me towards army lists, advice etc etc would be absolutely invaluable and really appreciated

What i'm looking to get is 3 armies
1 - 1000 point (maybe not viable with Guilliman's 350 point cost) (really a 650 point limit after the lion is placed in)
1 - 1500 point army (really a 1150 point limit after the lion is placed in)
1 - 2000 point army (really a 1650 point limit after the lion is placed in)

My models i have so far are:
Tactical marines : 19 ( 16 bolters, 3 unbuilt)
Assault marines: 5 (1 with power sword/plasma pistol - 4 with chain sword/bolter pistol) all 5 have jump packs
Heavy marines: 5 (1 heavy bolter, 4 plasma cannons)
Special marines: 1 (Plasma cannon)
Terminator marines: 10 (1 with lightning claws, 1 assault cannon, 2 stormbolter/power fist, 1 storm bolter/chainfist) (The other 5 are currently not built suggestions welcome)
1 interrogator chaplain / Chaplain (however you guys want to run him)
1 Bellial

As of tomorrow ill also have available
Guilliman (being converted to the lion)
Cypher (not playable)
And Grand Master Voldus (Who i can field as a librarian)

Suggestions to model i don't own are also heavily recommended as i can buy them over time to make my army more competitive

Thanks for looking over the thread guys i really appreciate any advice, recommendations, or listed army comps for me to try out
Thanks again

Edit: Ive placed a 1000 point fallen list in the comments i intend to play tomorrow if anyone can have a look at that

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