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Originally Posted by jin View Post
how long before these sims can be run for a few hundred thousand cycles of every possible list in the computer aided balancing of core game mechanics? i am excited for that.
Firstly, why?

Second, I doubt that is ever going to happen. Its easier to maintain the current system, let us the players be the ones doing the testing and take in feedback for the next update.

Originally Posted by Knighty View Post
I think that the table top sim is an awesome little way to play with friends too far away to play with face to face or as you said
Yeah, I was really looking forward to getting back into face to face gaming only to learn that I no longer had that as a realistic option.

Originally Posted by Knighty View Post
those of us (me included) whoses wallets cannot keep forking out money to buy more and more models (oh the pain)
Well one of the benefits of something like this is the fact that you can playtest options, builds, or units without having to purchase them. This avoids you wasting money on something that won't work for you, and find something that will (meaning that you ultimately do spend money, and possibly more than you had been originally planning.)

Originally Posted by Knighty View Post
but i rekon that as it builds more hype and popularity that GW might try and stop it, hope not but i think it'll happen
I'm rather doubtful, especially as of late. Before GW was quick to try and quash fan created versions of their material, but in the last few years it seems they have taken the foot off the gas on things that draw no profit from their IP.

Vassal still exists and the various GW mods for TTS have been around for a little while without any problem. Theres really more of a potential for GW to try and cash in on this, assuming it gets enough popularity. Imagine paying a 1 time fee and get the digital models for your entire codex? Then a negligible fee for an update if new units need to be added (lets say $10 and $1-2 respectively.)

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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