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Default Where do we go from here?

So, remember the old days where every now and then we'd see a thread about the future of 40k? Theories of who would be the last race standing, who would finally end the Imperium and who would die first?

Well I thin we can go for one of those again. With the release of shiny new lore that has pushed the setting forward, let's hear some more projections with updated info!

The Imperium has a Primarch back to lead them. One of the greatest military minds humanity has ever seen and a warrior that few if any could hope to stand against. Aside from what Roboute himself can bring, the morale boost to the soldiers of the Imperium will be huge.

Cadia has fallen, and the way to Terra from the Eye is laid open. Chaos now has a clean shot, but can they make it work with Guilliman on task?

The necrons' grand overlord is back in the galaxy, and he is recruiting elements of his old empire towards a single goal; the destruction of the tyranids.

The eldar have a new hope for their own future, the manifestation of Ynnead and the path laid out to completing its power.

The orks and tyranids remain an ever present threat, the Tau empire continues to expand and there is even the possibility of the Farsight Enclaves coming back on side with them.

So what do you think?

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