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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Kept reading despite how bad the headache got though, maybe even learned some stuff that you didn't know before. Definitely worth trashing the guy who wrote it.
Oh yeah, totally worth trashing him/her :rolleyes:. I'm certain Goonbandito has been crying in a dark corner contemplating suicide ever since some random person who he/she has likely never interacted with made a comment on the internet.

There are grammar issues sprinkled throughout the summary and the person who wrote it chose to include kernels of humour that were at times, in my opinion, out of place. And thats what it is, my opinion; because unlike many other sites we do not force people to censor their opinions because it might hurt someone's feelings. If Goonbandito doesn't like my one sentence than he/she is free to ignore it.

I kept reading the summary, despite the above issues I had, because I was looking for mention of Cypher, his cause, how interactions between him, Guilliman, and current age Dark Angels would take place, and how his role would pan out.

Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
Was there ever confirmation before this that Cypher was actually trying to get to Terra specifically?
I believe there were only ever rumours about what he was trying to do. One of the big points of Cypher was always the air of mystery about him; his loyalty could never be truly pinned down, he actively aided and harmed both Imperial and Chaos positions for a plethora of reasons, and he would always just pop in and out of area's.

I remember years ago when they released the Eye of Terror codex they included a page (or two) that was an interraction between Abaddon and Cypher. No matter what happened, the Despoiler could not intimidate Cypher and the fallen angel appeared to give zero fucks. It was pretty clear that he had aided the Despoilers endevours, but at the same time had also been the cause of setbacks.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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