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Thanks for the reply and the kind words. It is gratifying that you appreciate my intent for these, what I call 'tutorials' even though they do leave out many of the more tedious steps such as today's post where I spent the better part of an hour sanding off the flats and fitting and refitting the compression sleeves.

I am purposely making this model out of 'off the shelf' basic components so anyone so inclined can duplicate my work. Initially this was to be a static model but considering the wealth of fittings in Home Depot and Lowes I have decided to attempt articulated hip and knee joints. Now I just need to find an old lounge chair Heh,heh................

Two Steps Back:

Found these dynomite compression couplings that are just made for this construct so scrap the rods and the sleeve for the nonce and work on cropping the length of the assembly.


By cutting off the octagons I managed to crop the length by about 30 MM which makes the extreme width of the hips 12.5 inches (31.75 CM) compared to my Warlord's 10.5 inches (26.67 CM) which should be just right for a scale:180 to 200 ft (54 to 61 meter) tall Emperor Titan.


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