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Originally Posted by Shandathe View Post
I'm actually surprised you're not supposed to take everyone on with the exact same list. Anyway, good luck, let us know the results
Well i prmised i would tell you the results and so in short, the deathwatch got completely and utterly tabled. Out of every game i've played with them at this tourney was by far the most disgusting defeats i've ever had. I played a total of 3 games out of 4 (I sat out first round due to uneven numbers).

My first match saw me fight a entire Genestealer Cult Army. I gained first turn for myself but that really did very little for me. His deployment saw almost 3 units arriving within 3" of mine and alot more around 6". They even got to shoot, that's right shoot in the deployment phase of all dam things which saw me lose 3 models of the bat. I got my own back in my movement phase wiping out 2 units straight up (gotta love the underslung heavy flamers), and almost wiping a third but sadly i just could not do enough to all the units arrayed against me and the following assault phase saw my two squads (and m master) fighting 2 or 3 units a piece which resulted in a majority of my army wiped in his first turn. Second turn i got my corvus on, little help that did. By the end of his second turn he had finished off the survivors, my watch master leaving me with only my corvus. With all of his god dam go to grounds, invul saves and other such things i just could not get enough wounds with the amount of damage i was pouring in so i lost, my 2pts to his 12.

My second game was seriously just an absolute slaughter even worse than what happened in my first game. I was fighting a tau running a farsight enclave setup. I got first turn again, and again little did that do to help. I moved my guys into cover thinking that'd be smart, opened fire onto one of his walker dudes and got myself 2 wounds on him and one wound on another large walker dude. His shooting phase saw 2 markerlight squads negate all cover and a Large blast marker wipe the whole squad instantly. Now the other walker dude which is apparently a forgeworld one jumped like 30" in his movement phase and wiped all but my vet sarge with a Strength 7? (i think) AP fucking 2 flamer, ignore cover and some other such bs rule completely wiping everything. and his shit- sorry shot gun cleaned up my remaining unit. my watch master, still alive, unarmed and enraged by this disgusting loss of deathwatch lives threw himself at the accursed mech and scored 3 wounds against him taking him down to 2 hull points. My corvus came in as well but due to the sheer amount of marker lights got shredded instantly due to removing any jink saves. Next turn saw me reduce the walker to one hull point and right where it seems i would at least get one kill the fucking thing Jumps straight into reserves leaving him open to fire from literally everything else.... He died.

My final game though it should be noted was due less to bull shit stuff and more just a combination of god like and horrible rolls.

Fighting a grey Knight setup rocking 2 Dread Knights 1 Grey Knight Term squad with an attached Chapter Master and a Librarian thrown into the listing for good measure. Once again i got first turn and i actually managed to explode a dread knight into nothingness and get a kill on one of the terminators. On his turn he tried to cast gate of infinity, knowing i had to deny that threw all my dice (4) at it and failed to deny it by one dice that was a god dam 5. So yeah his squad teleport right in front of the squad which killed the dread knight and wiped it out in that assault phase. My turn 2 saw me throw my other unit into his librarian whilst my Watch Master charged into the Chapter Master's squad with vengeance in his heart, i declared a challenge and the god dam chapter master refuses me which saw 3 of his terminators die by his hand (Take that ya smug bastard). The fight with the librarian was a stalemate as both him and my sarge were stuck in a challenge. His turn 2 saw his other dread knight join the fray with the librarian (Should be noted i failed the reserves roll for my corvus). Dread knight wiped out the unit, The watch master got reduced to 2 wounds from the resulting melee. Got my corvus in on my third turn and tried to fire at everything i could, unable to confirm wounds (His invul roll luck was truly blessed by the emperor). My watch master reduced his Chapter Master down to 3 wounds but died from returning attacks. I flew my corvus to the opposite corner of the map, switched to hover and made my final stand. Didn't actually get anymore kills and he died.

So all in all the day was a complete slaughter for the old deathwatch and make me reconsider my life choices, i've got two land raiders and another librarian coming sometime soon so hopefully for the next one i can hold my own because Emperor mein god that was some bullshit XD. I truly wish i had a better report to give you after the help you gave me in realizing rules and abilities i never even knew i had (I did a fair amount more research after the last post and realized alot of rules i wasn't using effectively) But alas it was not to be. I think my final points count was like 3 maybe 4, possibly 2, you know imma just go with shit

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