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Default New lost legions bits from B&C

The Lost Legions, Inferno info - + AGE OF DARKNESS + - The Bolter and Chainsword

Saw this intriguing discussion over on B&C, that paid note to a stunning blurb from Inferno about the Rangdan Xenocides.

"Whole Expeditionary fleets went
to their deaths without a single survivor,
worlds were laid waste, dozens of Titan
Legions were obliterated and by the end,
entire Space Marine Legions [REDACTED
SECTION] lost to the Imperium.
Much of
what happened during this abyssal conflict is
still locked under seal, but what can be said
is that with the breaking of the Labyrinth
of Night by the Emperor, the threat was at
last stymied."

Beyond intriguing, given the secretive nature of just what which happened during the mystery conflict. But it definitely seems like GW is building up this particular conflict. The Dark Angels used to be the premier legion until the Rangdan Xenocides, taking such bad losses that the Ultramarines soon eclipsed them in stature.

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