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Originally Posted by Deloth View Post
Cato Loukios
Cato looks pretty good, just a one thing:

Neither the Lux Infinitum or those calling her home have fled to the Eye of Terror. While some of the Relictors might have fled into the Eye, not all of them did. These last three years have been spent in Imperial space, at this point probably more to the galactic northwest of the Eye.

The only thing a bit confusing to me is why would the marine that took Cato as a youth remove his helmet? Just doesn't make sense to me is all.

Other than that, welcome Cato.

Now both Serp and Deloth have characters going for the tactical squad specialist. I'll make my choice over why it is when the action thread itself goes up.

Still waiting for changes to be made by @dmart29 and @Drohar .

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