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Alright so after some more thinking this is what my current new list looks like.
I'm thinking i'll still rock the devestators. I'll still be able to change my mission tatic one extra time because of the watch master so i'm not too worried about losing the other. As said before i'm not exactly for doing deepstrikes with the setup so the only thing i'm missing is the re-roll warlord trait (And from what i'm being told we may have the option to actually just choose the trait so i'm not really gaining much from doing BSSF formation) and the benefit is that i now have a squad to aid in anti tank.

Watch master

2 Veteran Squads (1 6 man squad)
- 2 Either Infernus or Frag cannons (swap the combinations out based on what i fight)
- 3 Stalker Pattern Boltguns
- 1 SS and Heavy Thunder Hammer
- 1 Heavy Thunder Hammer
- 5 Bolters
2 Terminators with basic roll outs
1 Devestators
- 2 Grav Cannons (Either this or the lascannons, they do alright with 5 attacks against stuff so i means they have more versatility than two lascannons)
- 3 Bolters

Heavy Support
Corvus Blackstar
- Hurricane Bolter
- Infernum Halo Launcher
- Blackstar Cluster Launcher

With the setup i have the ability to do either Aquila, Furor or Malleus Kill teams so i have some ability to counter whats likely to be my threat. As always if you think there is anything stupid or should be changed let me know. The tournament starts on sunday so i got plenty of time to make changes.
Thanks in advance.

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