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Name: Decus “Ranger” Fenrik

Age: At 55

Appearance: Just under seven and half-feet, he is a well presented man. He can be recognized from his posture which is always like he would be ready to hail an officer. He looks younger than he is due to him taking care of his appearance and being slightly slimmer than normal Marines. He keeps his black hair short and face always clean.

Personality: Decus is a tidy person, though being after being declared Excommunicate Traitoris he hasn’t been able to clean and repair his armour as well as he used to. It now shows marks of repair and scratches which annoy him greatly. He believes in being pure in the eye of the emperor and is against of using deamon weapons, but while he is not agreeing on the direction the chapter is taking, but he would never disobey an order and keeps his thoughts to himself.

Background: As all the boys in the village he dedicated all of his time training to get in to the Astartes, but that training almost came at a cost for he hadn’t used to venture out in the deadly forest and survive in actual situations. He made it just about into the Astartes by showing excellent marksmanship – a trait which he has gotten to trust even more as time has gone on. But diversity makes a Marine, so he was placed in the Assault squad to develop the hand-to-hand combat skilled. (also he excelled in the use of a jump pack)

In the fight against the grey knights he was deeply troubled, fighting against the emperor’s own. The bond of brother was stronger and he didn’t abandon his brothers in their time of need, but went to the front with his squad. He was dragged out injured from the battle and now has a slight limp in his left leg, which he counters with some cleaver tweaking of his jump pack.

Squad: Decus is called “Ranger” because even though he is in the Assault squad he prefers to fight with his bolt pistol. That means he tends to hang back a bit giving cover fire to his squad mates. Being slightly behind also means he is first in line for the enemies who are trying to outflank the squad – at that point his chain-axe comes off his belt and strikes into the head of an enemy.

Equipment: Frag and krak grenades and spare ammo (loads of spare ammo) and aquilla patterned power armour and a small red towel to wipe dirt and blood off his face.

Weapons: Bolt pistol, chain-axe, combat blade and I’d like to request the extra bolt pistol?
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