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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
This is about a "kill all jews" comment/sentiment that was repeated? I ask because no links to articles were provided. I can't think of a single context that I would find such a comment acceptable.
The reason I chose not to provide any links in my original post is partly due to the fact that whats going on is more or less old media vs new media. The major news outlets (WSJ, NBC, FOX, etc) are old media, a number of them painting Felix as an anti-semite monster who needs to tow the line. Outlets like YouTube and the people/channels within (though not the channels of the major outlets of course) are new media who are challenging the older views of the outlets and their attempt to demonize one of their own by taking his words/actions way out of context.

So depending on which source you look at, the point and view is fairly skewed. In my opinion new media is doing a bit better of a job remaining more objective, mostly because their argument revolves around common sense.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here are about half a dozen links to various news articles:
YouTube star PewDiePie shows the danger of mean humor played off as harmless - Chicago Tribune

The Digital Down Low: The media hate PewDiePie | The Post
The media labeling PewDiePie as ?anti-Semitic? is dishonest | Opinion | breezejmu.org

The first four are like what I said before, they focus on out of context information to create a biased viewpoint. The last two are a bit more objective, with the sixth article from The Breeze going over the basics, breaking down the out of context information provided by WSJ, filling in the gaps that were intentionally left out, providing a link to the WSJ article and video that started everything, and of course giving their opinion.

That being said, here a link to the WSJ article and video. If you aren't subscribed to their site you'd have to do so to read the article, but you can watch the video no problem.

After doing that, watch this video from the man himself:

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