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Default How's It Going Bro's, My Name Is...

...not PewDiePie, its darkreever. I wish I was a man who has made millions doing what he loves rather than just a good living.

For anyone who recognizes the name, either being familiar or in passing, you may be aware of the most watched and subscribed person on YouTube and his becoming the target of media outlet The Wallstreet Journal for some of the jokes in a few of his video's.

If you don't know the name, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is a man who makes video's on youtube, mostly of him playing a wide variety of video games but he is not limited solely to that. His channel is the most watched in the world, with his content viewed more than 12 million times a day, and he has the most followers of any youtube channel at 53 million people. Pewds started his channel around 2011/early2012 and achieved 1 million subscribers in July of 2012.

So why a thread then? Well like I said before, I'm sure people here are aware of him being in the news recently. Three journalists from The Wallstreet Journal wrote an article about PewDiePie, painting him as an anti-semite because of about 10 jokes sprinkled throughout his hundreds of video's and taken out of context. This highlighting caused him to lose endorsements, and have his original series cancelled.

Pewds is a 27 year old college drop out who is living the dream. Watching a handful of his video's makes it clear the kind of man he is; the furthest thing from a racist.

While we are primarily a site based on plastic miniatures, that does not mean we can not also discuss other things within reason (those who remember WNCE a lack of people acting within reason is why we no longer have it.) So who's familiar with this whole thing and where do you stand? Who here counts themselves amongst the bro army?

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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