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Default Tabletop Simulator 40k

Hello everybody, for some of us playing actual games of 40k, 30k, fantasy, or any any of Games Workshop's systems is easier said than done. This can be due to cost, because this hobby is not cheap (my recent 1k iron warrior list comes in at about $350USD, and it does not have that much in it), or location.

My local hobby shop closed recently and the nearest GW store is located somewhere in NYC, an easy 3 hour round trip for me. Between a job, a fiance, a house and bills, and other projects there would not be enough time in the week for me to include a day of gaming. Now I know I am definitely not the only person out there who has an issue like this, no local shop or means to get to one, so we need to look for some sort of alternative.

Years ago there was a team that made a mod for the vassal engine: a top down system that allows people to build virtual versions of existing tabletop or card game. Over the years that team became a community, people came and went, the community fractured into communities, updates were made, and to my knowledge popularity for the system has slowly died down. (A search for updates to the system hasn't exactly yielded much having been done in the last 6-12 months and a lot has happened since then.)

Recently I stumbled upon a different system, one with what appears to be a slowly growing 40k community. This system is Tabletop Simulator, a game engine that can be found on Steam and, unlike vassal, needs to be purchased in order to use.

Now the cost is not that bad, TTS is only $19.99USD with relevant additions/mods being free. The reason for no cost beyond the initial buy-in is that the additions are fan made and can be made by anyone.

The system takes some getting used, and at this time not every model/option is available for every army. But from my limited experience with it so far everything seems pretty good. Currently I've taken to playing with a friend, as I relearn some of the rules (a year off of playing will do that to you) and get used to the controls themselves.

Anyone else given this a go? Whats your experience with this been?

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