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Hey there. I'm new to the forums, and looking for a game to get in on. This one sounds awesome. Here's my character proposal:

Name - Caffus Bellicore

Age - 17

Appearance - Caffus doesn't look like your typical underhiver. He has light brown hair that has been well cared for in the past, but has been somewhat neglected in recent months. His eyes are a bright green and intense. They convey a sense that Caffus is sizing you up, seeing through you to your intentions. His features are far less scarred than one would expect from an underhiver, and are even immaculate. Caffus is slightly taller than average, but rather thin. Despite his size and stature he seems to fill a room, his very presence demanding attention and he carries himself with a dignified air. The calluses on his hands are recently formed, and he seems somewhat unused to hard labor.

Personality - Caffus is taciturn and says only what he needs to, but he does speak he is eloquent and gives an impression of education and refinement. He can be convincing in arguments, and knows how to get what he wants though he tends not to swindle those he considers allies. Caffus tried to retain his sense of humor through his recent misfortunes, but it didn't last and he tends to be impatient with jokers. He can be sarcastic at times, but doesn't appreciated sarcasm when it's directed at him. He tries to stifle his feelings of entitlement and superiority, but it doesn't always work. Underneath his faults Caffus is determined and motivated, driven to regain his station. Caffus doesn't give himself to drugs, though he's an excellent pusher. He doesn't drink alcohol often, declaring that he no longer has access to the fine vintages he's used to but he would imbibe if he could get his hands on some.

Background - Until recently, the Bellicore family was one of the wealthiest noble families living in the hive spires, and Caffus remembers the color of the sky and the privileges of the high life well. But a few years ago, opposing nobility conspired against the Bellicore family to seize their assets and destroy their reputation. They fell swiftly to those machinations and were eventually forced to flee deep into the underhive just to survive. Caffus' parents resigned themselves to their fate and accepted that they were defeated. It didn't take long for Caffus to strike out on his own, seeking allies and ways to regain his station; he wouldn't lie down, and set his heart on vengeance. Opportunities to prove himself being what they are, he found the gangs.

Equipment - Caffus was forced to trade away the little fine clothing and jewelry he had left, mostly because it made him a target. He wears the leather common to the underhive, but goes to great lengths to keep it looking new. He managed to hold on to a rebreather; he used it almost constantly for the first few months in the underhive when he couldn't stand the stenches of the area, but has since weaned himself off of it and now uses it only in particularly noxious areas. He does keep a signet ring, stubbornly refusing to trade it because it symbolizes what he lost and what he determines to regain.

Weapons - Caffus managed to hold onto a well crafted compact laspistol from his days as a nobleman. He keeps it hidden on his person, and precious few know of its existence. It's saved his life on more than one occasion, and he's a fair marksman. His upbringing also included lessons in swordsmanship, and he is more than a match for an untrained thug. His sword was stolen from him not long after his forced move to the Edge, and he laments its loss. He carries a battered short sword now, and constantly seeks a better weapon.

I think that's everything you asked for on the character sheet. Let me know what you think, or if it needs some tweaks. Thanks!
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