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Name: Danrek Seccarin

Age: 72

Appearance: Danrek stands a little under seven feet tall, smaller than the average astartes and noticeably slimmer especially when unarmoured. His hair is dark brown, and has grown slightly past its usual short cut. His eyes are in a semi permanent squint, brown and the left bears a small cut just beneath. His skin is pale and devoid of features other than the odd scars.

Danrek's armour has kept the grey and black of the chapter, although the squad marking has begun to fade without regular maintenance. The left pauldron and greave have begun to show more wear than the right due to his typical stancewhen aiming placing his left side towards the enemy, as well as his habit of leading with his left in combat.

Personality: Danrek's faith in the Imperial creed has waned in the past years, the thought of how many others had possibly been unjustly declared traitor giving rise to doubts he has yet to come to terms with. Although he realizes that the majority of Imperial citizens would despise him and see him as a hated foe, he still remembers his old oaths and still places the defense of mankind highest on his list of priorities.

Cynical and reserved, Danrek's outlook is always to the present in battle, but otherwise has increasingly begun to wander between the past and the future. Thoughts of what might have been and what could still be haunt him when he has time to reflect. Despite this, he has not completely lost his sense of humour although jokes do not come as easily or often as they used to.

Background: Danrek was the youngest boy of four siblings, two brothers and a sister of whom all were pressed into militia training as soon as they were old enough. This military upbringing left them all with a strong sense of martial pride and a competitive nature, resulting in all three brothers becoming candidates for space marine neophytes by the time they had reached ten. Over three years, Danrek watched both his brothers try and fail to meet the needs to join the battle brothers of the astartes. When his turn came, Danrek was more determined than ever to prove that his lineage was capable of joining the astartes' ranks, and it was this determination that saw him succeed where his brothers failed. Since then he has all but lost contact with his old family, the needs of the chapters supplanting his older ties.

Danrek's early time as an astartes saw him in the reserve Devastator company, where he specialized in wielding the heavy bolter. His successes in early campaigns resulted in his advancement to the fifth company as a Devastator for a further ten years before he became a part of a frontline Tactical Squad. Though he has rarely wielded a heavy weapon since then, Danrek remained a steady and reliable battle brother with little loss of efficiency on the battlefield.

When the chapter was declared traitor, Danrek's conviction and faith suffered heavily. In the fighting that followed, Danrek was forced to take the lives of numerous imperial soldiers, men and women who fought with the same devotion that had defined much of his own life. Only the words of the older members of the chapter spurred him to continue, the hope of redemption if only they could prove themselves becoming the goal of the chapter. And if not, to die in the service of protecting mankind even if humanity no longer cared for them.

Squad: Tactical (I will say candidate for specialist unless someone better suited volunteers.)

Equipment: Aquila Pattern Power Armour, Frag grenades, krak grenades.

Weapons: Combat Blade, Bolt Pistol, Boltgun.

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