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this is a biased eldar players point of view, Ghazkhull thraka started armageddon, Eldrad just saw it coming, if your talking about the war for armageddon, if your actually talking about the end times, again eldrad just saw it coming Abaddon started it, he did not defeat a blackstone fortress by himself he put one in a dormant state and it nearly killed him, Magnus is by far the stronger psyker of the 2, even ranking the Chaos gods in any order is also incorrect, as they have a distinct order of Psychic power, Tzeentch first, come on he is the Chaos God of magic after all, then nurgle, then slaanesh, these to can be debated, slaanesh maybe more powerful, but is a hell of a lot more subtle than Nurgle, than Khorne who despises psychic trickery
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