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"The difference between gods and daemons depends largely upon where one stands at the time." - Lorgar Aurelian, Bearer of the Word, primarch of the XVII legion

The words and deeds of traitors are little more than deceit and betrayal made manifest; but only the most blind can deny a measure of truth to some of these things. None more so than the warriors of the Relictors space marine chapter, condemned in the eyes of the Imperium for daring to fight chaos with that which gives them their strength: chaos itself. Hounded by former allies and with few places to turn to for safe haven, the chapter is dying a slow death. Scattered, shattered beyond hope of recovery, some will eventually give in and become the very thing they have sworn to fight. However for some, the crusade to fight the great enemy transcends damnation, especially if there is a chance for redemption.

Legends speak of a grimoire, lost during the dark days when gods walked amongst mortals and the galaxy was ripped apart by civil war. It was discovered thousands of years later, when Horus tore the Emperor's Imperium asunder, by Lorgar of the Word Bearers. Within the grimoire, it is said that Lorgar learned of ways to bind the denizens of the warp to physical objects or exhibit control on their kind. It is said that during the great Scouring following the defeat of Horus, this grimoire was lost to Lorgar.

Over the course of the following millenia, sightings and whispers of such a thing have come and gone. If there is anything that can offer the Relictors salvation from the Imperium, this may be it. Or at the very least, that is what drives codicier Laendro Tatecen.

Hello everybody and welcome to Strength of Will, an RP focusing on a small band of Relictors. It has been three years since the chapter was declared Excommunicate Traitoris, and since that time the remnants have splintered and spread out across Segmentum Obscurus. Aboard the strike cruiser Lux Inifnitum, codicier Laendro Tatecen and the shattered remnants of the Relictors fifth company cross the void in search of the Grimoire of Lorgar, a means to control and bind daemons to weapons and objects so that they can be used to fight their own kind. As members of the remnants under Tatecen's command, it falls to you to find this grimoire, recover it, and give the Imperium a great weapon in the fight against the great enemy.

-No godmodding
-As GM my decision is final, please respect that
-Eight sentences minimum per action thread post
-If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. You never know, I might let you do things a bit out of the updates boundaries
-Stuff happens, thats the way life works; if you aren't going to be able to post for a while or are losing interest than let me know. The worst thing you can do is say nothing and vanish, which is the easiest way to get on my bad side.
-Post once, post a dozen times, its completely up to you as long as you can do the minimum per post

Character Sheet:
-Before you make your character, understand that this is not first come first serve, and I will ignore characters from players trying to 'reserve' a spot. If your interested thats one thing, but don't feel put down if someone gets a character up before you that you wanted because I may feel your character fits better.


Age: (There are two distinct squads you can choose from, one is a tactical squad and the other an assault squad. Members of the tactical squad are to be between 65 and 80 while members of the assault squad can be between 50 and 70. Ages within each squad will be similar, with a four year difference above or below. This range is determined when the first member of the assault and tactical squads are accepted, but as a guideline of what you'd be looking at: if the first accepted member of the tactical squad is 72 then the rest of the squad can be any age between 68 and 76. If the first assault marine is 53, then the rest can be between 50 and 57 since the minimum is 50.)

Appearance: (What do you look like? What about your armour? The chapters fall from grace and splintering occurred three years before now, and all aboard the Lux fight in the name of mankind and for the Emperor.)

Personality: (Space marines may know no fear, but that does not hinder them from having quirks and such.)

Background: (The Relictors called the deathworld of Neutra their home, a place with no information about it and as such lets go with it being a world with hundreds of forest choked temperate islands.)

Squad: (There are two playable squads available, a tactical and an assault squad. Which are you a part of?)

Equipment: (All characters have frag grenades, krak grenades, and spare ammo of indeterminate amounts; one member of the tactical squad may have an auspex.)

Weapons: (All characters have a combat blade and bolt pistol, additional weapons are determined by squad and can be found below; one member of the assault squad may have an additional bolt pistol.)

-Members of the tactical squad have a bolter in addition to other weapons. One character may take on the role of specialist.

-Members of the assault squad have a chainsword or chain-axe in addition to other weapons. One character may take on the role of specialist.

Specialists will have access to a number of additional, and occasionally situational, choices of weapons throughout the RP. These will include ranged heavy and special weapons such as heavy bolters, missile launchers, meltaguns, or flamers, in addition to heavy or special close combat weapons such as eviscerators, power weapons, meltabombs, or lightning claws. (Initially there will be no need to list a specialist weapon, just list the normal ones as per the squad, I'll either be giving you the option of what you can have or it will be pre-chosen.)

limited choices of what they can wield throughout the course of this RP. These may range from a heavy bolter, missile launcher, meltagun, flamer, eviscerator, or even a storm bolter.

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