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1st, Brother Emund, The Long Watch, 3pts

Good take on theme this month, Brother Emund. I think the Long Watch really emphasizes the moral 'gray' area of the 41st millennium quite well. I like Paulo's line about always being a good servant of the emperor, even though he is an unsanctioned psyker. And the Inquisitor's reaction to that line actually surprised me, but I suppose the Inquisition looks upon psykers fated for Holy Terra differently than the others?

Good job on a challenging topic this month!

Myen, Yours took first clear and away. It makes a great intro to a larger story on the infiltration, or infestation, of a base by one nasty customer. A nice straight up horror story. No big guns, no super heroics, just plain ol' horrific death dealt by an seemingly unstoppable monster.
Thanks, Treesnifer, the 'toxic' theme for this month kind of forced me to think outside the box. The black ooze thing was actually something I wanted to incorporate in a really old story of mine. But I never finished that, so this seemed like a perfect time to experiment with it and write something subtly different than my usual stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

“Evil is relative…You can’t hang a sign on it. You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger.”
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Tales of Heroism and Bravery, in the 41st Millennium and the Old World. Perhaps some Realm Gate Wars in the future .

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