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Default Snif's Vote!

1st Place: Myen'Tal, Metamorphasis, 3 pts
2nd Place: Brother Emund, The Long Watch, 2 pts

Nice! These were both good! I must admit, "Toxic" just didn't do it for me this time around. Nothing came to mind. These two stories of yours though - excellent work!

Myen, Yours took first clear and away. It makes a great intro to a larger story on the infiltration, or infestation, of a base by one nasty customer. A nice straight up horror story. No big guns, no super heroics, just plain ol' horrific death dealt by an seemingly unstoppable monster.

Emund, your story brings to mind an old pic of a psyker in a open-faced coffin-sized canister either being put into or taken out of the golden throne. If memory serves me right, I saw it first in the original Rogue Trader, but I've seen it other places since. Sadly I'm not sure where I've stored my Rogue Trader, and it's not an image easily found online else I'd put here, but it's the one image that always comes up when the topic of the Golden Throne and psyker mealtime comes up.

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