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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Hey, a cottage industry is defined simply as, "a business or manufacturing activity carried on in a person's home." Historically, this was wood working, furniture making, weaving, embroidery, etc.; this was a supplemental form of production following the main income for a household, which was usually farming.

What kind of texture paint are you using?

I would also suggest using spackle or wall and joint compound to add a layer of texture to the foam core walls, then use white artists gesso to seal it and make it more rigid.

Happy terraforming!
Ah that makes sense. I get it. I am using texture paint from Bunnings (a big hardware chain in AUS). I will be using it to slightly texture the walls and bring rust and grime to gear joints and machinery also. Works a treat.

Have another small update.

A crate of goods for the front line/guerrilla army (ironically the genestealers)

And the second building taking shape. This one I wanted as a sort of small refueling station/oils/change that kind of thing. Some minor work to be done but coming along well!

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