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Originally Posted by Loki1416 View Post
Since yours look miles better than mine, I'm now starting to rethink my idea lol. Gonna have to do some better work on mine to bring them to your level. Really well painted and the bases are superb.
Oh common now! there is no wrong way to do rust! I still have some work to do on mine! add a few more colours to 'age' the rust a little more! The bases were something I added as more of a contrast to all the rust! Im glad you like them! I am in the process of adding green rods to all the spots with green pools for an added effect.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Welcome back! A lot of us old school types have been returning lately and it's great to see you posting again :D
Hey Svart! Thanks! Yes its been far too long! glad to hear there are other people coming back to the forums as well!
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