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Default Found the exhubris portal?

I think most is aware of this infamous blurb about the faling of the golden throne:
The Tech-Priest custodians at work in the Emperor's Palace uncover irrevocable failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne. A dozen contingency expeditions are immediately launched, including a Xanthite war procession sent through the Exhubris Portal. The Xanthites fight through Harlequins Troups and Daemon hordes alike before reaching their intended destination. In the grave-cold oubliettes beneath Commorragh, a dark bargain is struck."

By chance i discovered this while reading about the mechanicum:
Kryptaestrex - Lexicanum

Exhubris II - Lexicanum

A world full of webway portals, with an active one in the possession of the mechanicum whom is studying it.
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