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The answer to this is essentially, it depends on how far back you are willing to go in the game publications. I haven't read any of the new novels, so I'm not up on the current fluff. (I always preferred to relate to it as game history, not "game ongoing soap opera.) The Realms of Chaos books say this rather directly. They describe a number of other lesser gods though they only name one or two.

In those books the warp is described as a psychic reflection of the material universe. Matter cannot survive there, but the reflections of the emotions of sentient beings collect there. Given enough time and enough concentrated feeling other new gods could emerge.

Curiously, the original authors cast the warp entities as mostly evil but the original descriptions leave a lot of space for other possibilities. A god of tenderness, or love, or gastronomy, or interior decoration, or fast cars etc. etc. could all exist or be germinating in the warp. There was an earlier view that the emperor was in fact a positive chaos God. After he died, he lived on in the warp growing in power as the spirit of humanity. One of the major questions was, what happens when his body finally dies on the golden throne? Is he dead like all other humans or will he be able to be reborn again or will he be the apotheosis of humanity?

I hope that helps!

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