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Spoiler as text, then: It looks like the Dramatis Personae section also found in Fall of Cadia, and lists "Lord Roboute Guilliman" and "Vulkan" as well as Belisarius Cawl, Katarinya Greyfax, Tu'Shan and Marneus Calgar.

Possible fakery notes: Guilliman gets a 'Lord' but Vulkan doesn't. Similarly, Guilliman's faction is listed as 'The Ultramarines' where the Salamanders lack the definite article. Then there's some other names we don't yet know but make me expect it's fake or at the very least a very, VERY early version where the names weren't settled on yet.

"Canoness Jessica" (who is listed as Ardent Rose as title and 'Geminae' faction which seems... switched around, and unlikely in any case. First part because it's Ardent Rose isn't one of the Orders Majoris (might be they wanted Argent Shroud, or Sacred Rose...), second because Geminae was for the twin canonesses on Cadia... I don't think a lot of canonesses have twins ). She's the main reason I think this got created by someone who doesn't know their Sisters lore all that well.

The Ultramarine names are a similarly doubtful "Matthais Ward" (Captain 8th Company) and "Phi Kellus" (Scout). I'm pretty sure you understand my reluctance to believe those are real

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