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Default Rusty Necrons! Im back with a purpose!

Hey Everyone!

I am back and hopefully going to get back in the groove of painting, modelling, and maybe even playing 40k again! I have been on a 7 month hiatus due to running lots of events in my local area but I am now back and this year my resolution was to take some time for my own stuff lol!

So I have entered into this months painting challenge! I have a few models primed up and ready to get some paint on. Typically the way I paint my crons is batch paint them to a table top standard and then go back and build them up from there.

So the first set of models that I plan on attacking are a pair of Triarch Stalkers to add to the one I have and a few more ghost arcs because... well why not.

So i miss read the order and this months competition is a conversion. So ill have to upload my image later for that ��

ether way these models are on the block to get done:

I have been prepping a lot of models over the past couple weeks so ill post all those shortly as well!


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