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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Hey LotN, did you mean Abby won the first battle of the 13th Black Crusade? ....'cuz this isn't even the beginning (Traitor's Hate, Angel's Blade) and it isn't even close to over.
Not quite. I view the 13th Black Crusade as a single Crusade, the purpose being to take down Cadia. Historically Crusades were all about taking a single city, they weren't about wider conquest. My view is that the 13th BC is over now, as are all the Black Crusades, and the wider war to bring down the Imperium can truly begin. The Long War is finally more than a generic term to describe the conflict between the Imperium and CSMs, it's now the primary conflict of 40k's story.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Ahem....on topic. Did Abby really lose? I know he ain't Alpharius level conniving but he also didn't seem too fussed about 'losing' on the ground in saying that he had set the world's fate in motion even before landing. That being said no one likes a sword in the spine.
I would say he is still pretty pissed. He had to do that, but he could have done it ten thousand years ago. Abaddon never wanted to destroy Cadia, he wanted to take it and use it as a staging point for the Long War. But with Cadia gone, and more importantly the Cadian Gate gone as well, Abaddon's armies will be a lot harder to bring into realspace. There's a reason that Chaos doesn't just pour out of the Eye and go in any direction, it's turbulent as hell and very few ships actually make it through. Only the stable path of the Cadian Gate ensured safe exit from Eyespace, and now there is no guarantee of safe passage.

Abaddon won this battle, but in the way he really didn't want to.


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