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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I play it very simply (and how GW keeps reminding us it works). The units in the Formation get the rules, any other units in your army don't.
Well the point of pods is that they aren't benefitting from any of the Terminators rules, yet the Terminators themselves still satisfy all of their rules and stipulations.
It wouldn't be an argument if we were asking can you attach a character and assault with them

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Land Raiders do not have the Deep Strike special rule and the Formation doesn't give the USR out so despite them being the only dedicated transport option for Terminators the stipulations of the Formation stop LRs from being a part of them (precedent clearly set with Deathwing armies and their current FAQ draft).
I know that, my point was that our Landraiders still say they can take Terminator armoured models, which is an outdated rule from when Terminators wouldn't fit in other transports, not as a dedicated transport but just in general.
I assumed Storm Ravens were the same, saying they could take jump packs from a time when most stuff couldn't.

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
What do you mean by this?
as above

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
If GW decides to repeal this via FAQ I'll gladly play it but I really do think it's correct to play this way. Simple as asking your group, as always though. I find most people are quite open to playing against weird stuff like that so long as they know in advance and can accommodate with their army to avoid simply being steamrolled...but then again I stay the fuck out of the tournament scene
Yeah, Like I said I asked and my group rejected it.
So I've made a Mk. II version of this list, now 2000pts.

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